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Personalised cancer therapy

Providing hope for cancer patients: Our vision for a better future

Imagine a world where cancer patients who lack effective treatment options can be cured. With our innovative cell therapy product, currently in clinical trial, we are bringing this vision closer to reality. Our unique approach trains the patient’s own immune cells to target and eliminate cancer cells, providing a tailor-made treatment for each patient.

NEOGAP – The story

NEOGAP Therapeutics is a privately held clinical stage biopharmaceutical company with the main focus on immuno-oncology.

Discover NEOGAP's innovative pTTL cell therapy and patented technology

Our pTTL cell therapy product, which targets neoantigens, is just one example of our novel technology at NEOGAP. Developed using our proprietary PIOR® and patented EpiTCer® technologies, pTTL generates T cells targeting neoantigens using immune cells from cancer patients as starting material.

The growing colorectal cancer therapeutics market

NEOGAP is dedicated to advancing the field of personalised immunotherapy to combat cancer, starting with our focus on colorectal cancer. Our experienced team of professionals from academia and the pharmaceutical industry is committed to developing innovative solutions that are at the forefront of cancer research. Our pTTL cell therapy product is a testament to this dedication.

We also believe in the power of collaboration and are open to partnering with organisations that share our vision for advancing the field of personalised immunotherapy for cancer treatment.

Latest news from NEOGAP

NEOGAP granted Chinese patent for innovative method of MS treatment and diagnosis

NEOGAP Therapeutics has been granted a patent in China for an innovative method that opens new possibilities in the treatment and diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS). The patent, which complements a previously granted patent in Australia, strengthens NEOGAP’s global presence in the field, the company’s strategic intellectual property portfolio, and its ongoing research into autoimmune diseases such as MS.

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NEOGAP secures Eurostars funding to develop T-cell activity analysis

NEOGAP Therapeutics has received SEK 5 million from Eurostars in a collaboration project with the French biotech company Okomera. The funding aims to enhance the development of an analysis method for T-cell activity against the patient’s tumour.

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NEOGAP presented research at Cell Therapy Potency Assay Summit in Boston

At the Cell Therapy Potency Assay Summit in Boston, 19-21 March, NEOGAP was represented by Vilma Urbonaviciute, Senior Scientist, and Kristine Bylund, Head of Cell Therapy Development. They shared some of the progress they are making in developing a potency assay as part of a larger strategy to ensure the quality of NEOGAPs drug product for the treatment of solid tumors, personalised Tumour Trained Lymphocytes (pTTL). 

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