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About us

What we do

Every year, millions of people are diagnosed with cancer, and many of them do not respond to first-line treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery. These treatments can also cause severe side effects that can impact the patient’s quality of life.

At NEOGAP, we are developing a new, unique personalised cancer immunotherapy for solid cancers that were previously considered untreatable. Our initial focus is on colorectal cancer.

Our approach is based on two novel and proprietary technologies:

  • PIOR® is a software platform that uses prediction algorithms and machine learning to identify and select the most optimal targets, called neoantigens, in a tumor.
  • EpiTCer® is a unique method of training the patient’s T-cells to target the identified neoantigens. As part of this process, we design and produce neoantigens and attach them to magnetic beads.

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Who we are

NEOGAP Therapeutics is a privately held biopharmaceutical company focused on immuno-oncology. The company was founded in 2016 by Dr. Hans Grönlund and is located on the Karolinska hospital grounds, Solna, Sweden.

Our team consists of highly skilled and motivated professionals from diverse backgrounds, including academia and the pharmaceutical industry. With extensive experience and a track record of success, we are committed to advancing the field of cancer immunotherapy.

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Our vision and mission

At NEOGAP, we are committed to revolutionising cancer treatment by developing innovative, personalised immunotherapies that activate the immune system’s tumour-specific response. Our goal is to increase overall survival rates and improve the quality of life for cancer patients. By pushing the limits of cancer treatment, we envision a future where cancer is no longer a life-threatening disease.

Our mission is to develop and commercialise advanced immunotherapies that are customised to each patient’s unique cancer profile. By utilising cutting-edge technology and data analytics, we aim to deliver treatments that are highly effective and minimise adverse effects. We strive to make our innovative therapies accessible to patients worldwide and to become a key player in the fight against cancer.

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