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Press release | 2024-03-26

NEOGAP secures Eurostars funding to develop T-cell activity analysis

NEOGAP Therapeutics has received SEK 5 million from Eurostars in a collaboration project with the French biotech company Okomera. The funding aims to enhance the development of an analysis method for T-cell activity against the patient’s tumour.

Learn more about it here

Press release | 2024-03-22

NEOGAP presented research at Cell Therapy Potency Assay Summit in Boston

At the Cell Therapy Potency Assay Summit in Boston, 19-21 March, NEOGAP was represented by Vilma Urbonaviciute, Senior Scientist, and Kristine Bylund, Head of Cell Therapy Development. They shared some of the progress they are making in developing a potency assay as part of a larger strategy to ensure the quality of NEOGAPs drug product for the treatment of solid tumors, personalised Tumour Trained Lymphocytes (pTTL). 

“Creating reliable and robust potency assays is key to the development and quality of any ATMP product. Conferences such as these provide insight and inspiration, as well as a forum to discuss guideline interpretation and different approaches to a challenging part of drug development”, says Kristine.

The Cell Therapy Potency Assay Summit is a leading event for professionals in the cell therapy industry, focusing on potency definition, characterisation, and measurement across various cell types. The 2024 summit featured interactive workshops and tracks on T cells, NK cells, and more, providing valuable insights from characterisation to commercialisation. This aims to accelerate the development of effective therapies.

See our poster here

Press release | 2024-02-20

NEOGAP is granted Australian patent for innovative method of MS treatment and diagnosis

The Swedish biotechnology company NEOGAP Therapeutics, which develops personalised immunotherapy, has been granted a patent in Australia for an innovative method that opens new possibilities in the treatment and diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS). The patent strengthens NEOGAP’s strategic intellectual property portfolio and marks an important step in the company’s efforts to develop groundbreaking treatments for autoimmune diseases such as MS.

News | 2023-12-13

NEOGAP highlighted in Business Sweden case study

We’re delighted to share our feature in a case study by Business Sweden, which sheds light on our journey within the Catalyst Program. This collaboration has been instrumental in deepening our understanding of colorectal cancer treatment challenges, especially in the US healthcare landscape.

In the US, colorectal cancer accounts for a staggering 13% of all cancer treatment costs, with an annual impact of over USD 24 billion. This highlights the urgent need for innovative solutions, particularly for late-stage patients.

Through this partnership, we’ve gained vital insights essential for developing advanced treatments for colorectal cancer. Our perspective has broadened, and our resolve to bring transformative solutions to the healthcare sector has strengthened.

Reflecting on these developments, Samuel Svensson, CEO of NEOGAP, shares his perspective: ”The strategic insights we’ve gained have been enlightening. We’ve identified key challenges within the US healthcare landscape and have been encouraged by the strong interest shown in our technology. This experience has not only opened new avenues for potential collaborations but has also provided us with valuable feedback and connections, pivotal for our future clinical trials and expansion plans.”

Learn more about our experience with Business Sweden on their website.

Conference | 2023-11-14

NEOGAP poster presentation at SITC

At the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer’s (SITC) 38th Annual meeting in San Diego, November 3-5, Guro Gafvelin, CTO at NEOGAP, presented a poster on NEOGAP’s cell product pTTL and the study design of the recently initiated Phase I/II clinical trial of pTTL in patients with Stage IV colorectal cancer.

The SITC meeting is a yearly event where leading companies, small innovative start-ups and academic institutions present cutting edge science and the latest advances in the field of cancer immunotherapy. It is an excellent forum for presenting NEOGAP’s cell therapy, says Guro Gafvelin.

Press release | 2023-11-09

NEOGAP raises SEK 83 million for a clinical phase I/II cancer study

NEOGAP announces that the company has raised SEK 54 million in a new share issue and has also been granted an additional SEK 29 million in innovation funding from the EU. The total capital injection will be allocated to the company’s ongoing clinical phase I/II study of patients with colorectal cancer and preparations for the subsequent study.

Press release | 2023-08-17

NEOGAP winner of Business Sweden’s Catalyst Program

NEOGAP has been selected winner of Business Sweden’s Catalyst Program 2023. NEOGAP will gain a powerful stepping stone towards international growth, including a tailored market entry project worth SEK 250,000 to support and accelerate its international growth journey.

Press release | 2023-06-21

NEOGAP acquires TCER Oncology AB, strengthening its position in personalised immunotherapy immunotherapy technology

NEOGAP announces its acquisition of the remaining 30 per cent of the shares in its subsidiary, TCER Oncology AB. This acquisition will broaden NEOGAP’s patent portfolio and strengthen the company’s pipeline of potential drug candidates, further consolidating NEOGAP’s position in the field.

Press release | 2023-06-01

NEOGAP secures EU patent for innovative personalised immunotherapy technology

NEOGAP has secured a patent in the EU for their distinctive technology used in cancer treatment. The patent covers the company’s technique for multiplying T-cells, known as EpiTCer®, used in personalised immunotherapy.

Press release | 2023-05-30

NEOGAP’s patented technology behind groundbreaking MS research

Antibodies against Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), a common virus that most people acquire early in life, are linked to multiple sclerosis (MS). This is shown in a study from the Karolinska Institutet, where technology from the biotech company NEOGAP Therapeutics has been used to map immune cells reactive to EBV and autoantigens related to MS.

Press release | 2023-05-16

NEOGAP enrols first patient in Phase I/II clinical trial of personalised immunotherapy for colorectal cancer

NEOGAP Therapeutics has announced the successful enrolment of its first patient in a Phase I/II clinical trial targeting advanced colorectal cancer.

Press release | 2023-05-11

NEOGAP expands team with software expert to drive cancer immunotherapy innovation

NEOGAP Therapeutics has recruited bioinformatics and software development expert Alejandro Fernandez Woodbridge to strengthen the development of its software platform, PIOR®, for personalised cancer immunotherapy.

Press release | 2023-05-04

NEOGAP and Cellerys enter collaboration related to Phase II study of a new therapy for multiple sclerosis

NEOGAP and Cellerys have entered a collaboration where Cellerys will utilize NEOGAP’s groundbreaking EpiTCer® technology in a Phase II study of a novel type of immunotherapy for multiple sclerosis (MS).

Press release | 2023-04-18

NEOGAP presents innovative tumour-targeting T-cell therapy at Neoantigen Summit Europe in Swedish in English

NEOGAP Therapeutics is pleased to announce that Ola Nilsson, Head of Neoantigen Production and Development, will present the company’s innovative cell therapy pTTL at the 6th Annual Neoantigen Summit Europe in Amsterdam on the 24th – 26th of April. The summit is dedicated to advancing personalised therapeutic development through the discovery of exclusive tumour antigens.

Press release | 2023-03-23

NEOGAP appoints new Chief Medical Officer in Swedish in English

NEOGAP Therapeutics announced today the appointment of Dr. Hanjing Xie as its new Chief Medical Officer (CMO), starting from 21 March. Dr. Xie will oversee NEOGAP’s clinical development programs and pipeline and provide medical oversight for the company’s first-in-human study. Dr. Xie is a highly experienced associate professor and senior consultant in oncology with diverse expertise from the pharmaceutical industry and university hospitals.

Press release | 2023-03-14

NEOGAP and Simsen Diagnostics enter collaboration to improve personalised cancer diagnostics in Swedish in English

NEOGAP Therapeutics and the cancer diagnostics company Simsen Diagnostics have initiated a collaboration aimed at improving personalised cancer diagnostics by examining circulating tumor DNA in the blood of patients participating in NEOGAP’s phase I/II clinical trial. The goal is to develop more precise and effective diagnostic tools for cancer.

Press release | 2023-02-06

NEOGAP receives CTA approval for a phase I/IIa clinical trial with its advanced cell therapy in Swedish in English

NEOGAP Therapeutics today announces that the Swedish Medical Products Agency has approved the company’s application to start a clinical trial of its personalised cell therapy against colorectal cancer. The phase I/IIa trial is planned to be initiated during the first half of 2023.

Press release | 2022-12-13

NEOGAP receives Notice of Allowance for European patent in Swedish  in English

NEOGAP Therapeutics AB announces today that the European Patent Office issued a Notice of Allowance covering ex vivo tumour selective T-cell expansion using EpiTCer® technology and compositions of cells prepared using the method.

Press release | 2022-06-14

NEOGAP Therapeutics’ patented method opens for new individualised treatment of MS in Swedish  in English

A recent study shows that a part of NEOGAP Therapeutics’ patented method for developing individualised immunotherapy for cancer treatment can also be used to identify which immune cells are involved in autoimmune diseases. In the study, four new target molecules for MS have been discovered.

Conference | 2022-11-02

ATMP-conference and SITC coming up

ATMP Sweden’s national conference is held in Stockholm, November 7 – 8. Sofia Berglund, Medical Doctor with a doctorate in immunology, and Principal Scientist at NEOGAP will be presenting: “Personalized tumour-trained lymphocytes (pTTL) –a novel, neoantigen-targeting T-cell therapy derived from tumour-draining lymph nodes”.

In the following days, it is time for the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer’s (SITC) 37th Annual Meeting in Boston, November 8 – 11. Anne-Laure Joly, Principal Scientist, and Scientific Lead Cell Therapy Development at NEOGAP, will present the accepted poster on NEOGAP’s cell product (pTTL) and the design of the first clinical study that is soon to be initiated.

– SITC is the leading cancer immunotherapy and tumour immunology conference and the highlight of the year in our field. It’s an excellent opportunity to meet and share best practices and learnings and to further develop relations and collaborations, says Anne-Laure Joly.

Press release | 2022-09-28

NEOGAP Therapeutics strengthens the board with two new members

NEOGAP Therapeutics AB, developing individualised immunotherapy for cancer treatment, strengthens the board with two new members. Anna Kälvemark and Steve Glavas both have experience in transforming start-ups into successful companies and contribute with cutting-edge expertise in regulatory activities and commercialisation of life science companies.

Conference | 2022-09-26

NEOGAP Therapeutics participates in the Annual Mayo Clinic Karolinska Institutet Scientific Research Meeting and presents two posters: pTTL and PIOR®

NEOGAP’s Principal Scientist and Scientific Lead Cell Therapy Development Anne-Laure Joly will present our cell therapy product, pTTL – personalised Tumour Trained Lymphocytes and the design of our first clinical study that is soon to be initiated.

NEOGAP’s Head of Neoantigen development Ola Nilsson will present PIOR® – Personalised Immuno-Oncology Ranking, our software using sequencing data from the patient and machine learning to select the most suitable neoantigens (tumour-specific mutations) for each patient.

Press release | 2022-06-14

NEOGAP Therapeutics’ patented method opens for new individualised treatment of MS in Swedish  in English

A recent study shows that a part of NEOGAP Therapeutics’ patented method for developing individualised immunotherapy for cancer treatment can also be used to identify which immune cells are involved in autoimmune diseases. In the study, four new target molecules for MS have been discovered.

Press release | 2022-05-05

New publication strengthens NEOGAP Therapeutics’ patented technology and shows that it can also be used for proliferation of T cells from blood in Swedish  in English

NEOGAP Therapeutics, which develops an individualised immunotherapy for treatment of cancer, presents in a publication together with researchers at Karolinska Institutet, preclinical data that further show that the company’s in-house developed technology EpiTCer® has the ability to effectively produce tumour-specific T cells.

Press release | 2022-03-24

The immunotherapy company NEOGAP Therapeutics AB contracts CRO for their first clinical trial for cancer (in Swedish)

NEOGAP Therapeutics AB, which develops an individualised immunotherapy for treatment of cancer, announces that Swedish CTC (Clinical Trial Consultants AB) has been chosen as the CRO (Contract Research Organisation) for the planned clinical phase I / IIa trial in colorectal cancer, which is expected to start in 2022.

Press release | 2022-02-28

NEOGAP Therapeutics AB, a Swedish immunotherapy company, raises 58 MSEK for a clinical trial for cancer (in Swedish)

Together with Sciety AB, a Swedish investor network, NEOGAP Therapeutics AB has completed a new issue of 58 million SEK. The capital raised will be used for a clinical first-in-human trial (phase I / IIa) in colorectal cancer, which is expected to start in 2022.