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NEOGAP enrols first patient in Phase I/II clinical trial of personalised immunotherapy for colorectal cancer


PRESS RELEASE. Swedish biotechnology company NEOGAP Therapeutics, specialising in personalised immunotherapy for cancer treatment, has announced the successful enrolment of its first patient in a Phase I/II clinical trial targeting advanced colorectal cancer.

NEOGAP has included the first patient in their first-in-human trial with the cell therapy product pTTL (personalised Tumour Trained Lymphocytes). Production of personalised EpiTCer® beads for the patient has been initiated. These beads play a crucial role in the pTTL therapy by facilitating the training of the T cells to recognise neoantigens and effectively attack cancer cells.  

”Enrolling the first patient in our Phase I/II clinical trial is a momentous occasion for NEOGAP. We are both humbled and excited by this achievement. It signifies our dedication to advancing cancer treatment by enhancing the immune system’s tumour-specific responses, ultimately increasing overall survival. I am immensely proud of our team’s hard work and determination. This important transition propels NEOGAP into a clinical-stage company, bringing us closer to realising our vision of delivering effective treatment for solid cancers,” says Samuel Svensson, CEO of NEOGAP.

The primary objective of the trial is to evaluate the safety and tolerability of the pTTL therapy in up to 16 patients with advanced colorectal cancer. It will be an open-label trial conducted at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm and Västmanland Hospital in Västerås.

About the NEOGAP cell therapy
NEOGAP’s innovative pTTL cell therapy, developed for the treatment of solid tumours, trains the immune system to recognise and attack cancer cells using specific altered proteins known as neoantigens. By utilising two advanced technologies, PIOR® and EpiTCer®, NEOGAP creates a tailored treatment strategy for each patient. PIOR® selects the most suitable neoantigens, while EpiTCer® selectively boosts the multiplication of T cells that recognise these chosen neoantigens, effectively targeting cancer cells while minimising damage to healthy tissue. This personalised and targeted treatment approach minimises the risk of side effects.

For more information, please contact:
Samuel Svensson, CEO
Phone: +46 733 54 21 94

About NEOGAP Therapeutics
NEOGAP Therapeutics is a Swedish clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on developing personalised cancer immunotherapy using the patient’s own cells. The therapy is based on the company’s two technologies PIOR® and EpiTCer®. PIOR® is sophisticated software that uses DNA sequencing data from the patient and machine learning algorithms to select tumour-specific mutations. Then, EpiTCer® is used to multiply T cells that can recognize and attack the selected tumor-specific targets. NEOGAP is located at the Center for Molecular Medicine at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. To learn more about NEOGAP and its cutting-edge research, please visit the company’s website at and follow NEOGAP on LinkedIn.

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