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NEOGAP expands team with software expert to drive cancer immunotherapy innovation


PRESS RELEASE. Swedish biotech company NEOGAP Therapeutics has recruited bioinformatics and software development expert Alejandro Fernandez Woodbridge to strengthen the development of its software platform, PIOR®, for personalised cancer immunotherapy.

Alejandro Fernandez Woodbridge holds a PhD in bioinformatics of 3D chromatin architecture and epigenetics from Karolinska Institutet and has extensive experience in transcriptomics and proteomics from his postdoc at SciLife lab. Prior to joining NEOGAP, Alejandro co-founded two successful consultancy companies specialising in bioinformatics and machine learning.

NEOGAP’s PIOR® software platform plays a crucial role in the company’s immunotherapy program, enabling the identification, selection, and ranking of tumour-specific T-lymphocyte targets (neoantigen peptides) for personalised T-lymphocyte therapy. The platform leverages machine learning to capture improvements in neoantigen prediction and next-generation sequencing. It is also compliant with GDPR and other industry quality standards.

”We are delighted to welcome Alejandro Fernandez Woodbridge to our team. With over two decades of experience in bioinformatics and software development, his distinguished background will be invaluable for further development of PIOR® in the field of cell therapy and diagnostics,” says Samuel Svensson, CEO of NEOGAP.

For more information, please contact:
Samuel Svensson, CEO
Phone: +46 733 54 21 94

About NEOGAP Therapeutics
NEOGAP Therapeutics is a Swedish clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on developing personalised cancer immunotherapy using the patient’s own cells. The therapy is based on the company’s two technologies PIOR® and EpiTCer®. PIOR® is sophisticated software that uses DNA sequencing data from the patient and machine learning algorithms to select tumour-specific mutations. Then, EpiTCer® is used to multiply T cells that can recognize and attack the selected tumor-specific targets. NEOGAP is located at the Center for Molecular Medicine at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. To learn more about NEOGAP and its cutting-edge research, please visit the company’s website at and follow NEOGAP on LinkedIn.

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